“So. Cal. Coatings did an excellent job with the work. And I am more than pleased with the quality of the work. In addition to reconstruction of the damaged floor and sub-floor, I had So. Cal. Coatings put a decorative finish on the floor. It is lovely and would be a model for any homeowner wanting to add an aesthetic touch to their deck floor. So, what started out as a horrible, scary situation has turned into a new deck that will be serviceable and safe for a long time to come. Good to have So. Cal. Coatings working on our property.” Sandy Hughes, Homeowner Club Terrace.IMG_8257





“Mike Rush and his So. Cal. Coatings workers are very conscientious about problem solving. I would recommended they look at all the other North Towne Park patios that need reworking. They also guarantee their work and mean it!” – Jana, Homeowner North Towne Park


“Thanks again for the EXCELLENT service and follow up.”¬†– Kathy Powers, Homeowner Marina Hills P.C.A.
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“I had an ex-tennis committee member call me today to let me know that he thought your guys did a great job on the repair.” – Kim Hockings, Manager, Keystone Pacific


“Thanks…I really like these guys. They have good work ethics and they have¬†done an excellent job.” – Pauline Dummit, Homeowner, Long BeachSection of roof - after