Exterior Painting

Southern California Coatings, Inc. provides tenants with
notices and thoroughly prepares all surfaces by:

  • Power Washing
  • Sanding
  • Scraping
  • Wire Brushing Damaged Wood
  • Caulking All Cracks, Gaps, and Seams
  • Priming All Patches, Bare Wood, and Metal
  • Securing Loose Nails
  • Trenching Dirt Six Inches
  • Masking All Windows
  • Patching Damaged Stucco to Match Existing Texture
  • Patching or Replacing Landscapes, Walkways, etc.
  • Applying Quality Benjamin Moore Paint by Roller, Brush, or Airless Sprayer.

Our latest project at Marina Hills HOA, Carroll’s Paint & Flooring, Inc. supplied So. Cal Coatings with all of the wrought iron paint used for over 32,000 linear feet of wrought iron fencing.

One of the suppliers that we count on for our paint is Carroll’s Paint & Flooring, Inc.